HyperAmerica is the name of a country newly established in the early 21st century, formed by the secession of portions of seven central states of the US (Iowa, North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho). Florida and Texas were considered as potential territories, but they were rejected because they were not contiguous and the voting populace said they didn't like "those people." HA has an open immigration program, which allows people from around the world to come in under a work visa: after 10 years they may apply for citizenship if they found a job and work the entire time. There is no age limit for working.

HA operates on a cash-only basis, the US dollar. All credit cards are seen as ways to collect information, although debit cards are used in a few places, loans are relatively easy to obtain, and an effective barter system exists. The leadership considered minting their own money but realized that a stable currency was more amenable to a healthy business climate. Firearms of all sort are legal and subject to no laws at all. Science has been abolished; all people are educated at home by their parents. Only trade schools are available for post-high school students, and high schools are tailored to direct the students properly. The age of consent is 13, when people may marry. Abortions and birth control are prohibited. Children under 13 and noncitizens cannot vote.

The population of HA has been historically very small, and although they gained a number of immigrants from the U.S. during the secession process, an equal number of people left for the U.S. None of the Native American communities participated in the secession, and so, with a sharply reduced population base, HyperAmerica has little or no working capital to run the government on. As a result, the government is led by very wealthy white men who invest their own resources, viewing the country as a private enterprise, passing legislation to ensure that their projects succeed, and shoveling their vast wealth into the country and back out again.

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