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Work in progress at Wasteflake, linked here for your consideration:
  1. PeerReview — just what is it? Is the Wasteflake Project an example of expanded peer review, or an entirely new kind of peer review?
  2. Popular images of science and scientists: see Cornelius' position paper on PopularArchaeology and discuss images of popular archaeology in the forum.
  3. Fiction! See WasteflakeFiction for stories, both finished and in progress.
    1. The Encyclopedia of Minor Deities
  4. SpamArt. If enough users, at enough keyboards, enter enough subject lines from spam, will it be art?
  5. MoreWasteflake — everything from MixologicalScience to SoWhatsUp.
  6. Background Checks Stories digging into the meaning of news breaks (these are the most recent)
    1. Human-Altered Diversity of the Amazon Rainforest
    2. The Everlasting Unextinguished Legacy of Palimpsests
    3. Desert Flowering in Byzantine Farming Villages in the Negev
    4. Greenland Ice Melt Highest in 12000 Years and Why That Matters
    5. Domestic Paddy Rice Expansion Was Affected by Climate Change
    6. Redating Lactose Tolerance in Adults
  7. HaveUniverseNeedName
  8. Book of Frauds
  9. It's AboutTime
  10. Recovered Articles from About and Dot-Dash
    1. Yersinia pestis and the Bubonic Plague
    2. The Lost Library of Alexandria
    3. Terra Preta, Ancient Composting, and Biochar in the Amazon
    4. Papyrus Ecology and History
    5. Rest Houses and Way Stations
    6. Water Management at the Maya Capital of Tikal
    7. Domestication History of the Muscovy Duck
    8. Garum—Ancient Roman Umami in a Bottle
    9. A 16th Century Map of Aztec Mexico City
    10. Mass Kills: Prehistoric Communal Hunting Strategies
  11. Opinions
  12. Favorite Word Puzzles
  13. TravelsDownTheRabibitHoleWithSteve
  14. Book Reviews

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