The Motivations of Deep Pockets

I am a wealthy old white woman, but once I was a payroll clerk, a factory worker, and then a student, scraping by on ramen noodles trying to make a living, a life, in a male-dominated profession. I've faced discrimination and been sexually assaulted: I'm one of the millions who could say "me too," but haven't. I've survived several diseases, I've struggled with myriad addictions. I earned my money by working ninety-hour work weeks and saving every possible dime. I've had my share of lovers but never married or had children, and as a result, I'm a free-floating mass of insecurities and fear with a large set of investments, but I didn't get here without help.

And I've always needed help, but I've had to get it from male-dominated, heterosexual-dominated, white-dominated, and above all capitalist-dominated establishments. I've come to the conclusion that what this world needs is free clinics, unfettered by demands of profit, or religion, or politics, or even traditional science. So I and my intellectual siblings are committed to finding and supporting the best, most compassionate individuals in the fields of medicine and healing, who share our convictions and are open to building programs of recovery for people in need.

Jiffy Kleen and the Total Perspective Vortex
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