1. A story from Kris about a ManWhoWantsToBeAWolf. Related to this, an exploration of BeingLiminal.
  2. The Adventures of Dinah is bits of a novel Kris is working on and has the chutzpah to post here.
  3. Justice is the start of a science fiction short story
  4. The story CollectingDust is about Leonard Ash, assembler of a CabinetOfCuriosities.
  5. KitchenMidden — started by Kris, continued by Kristin
  6. WorldBuildingGames — f1r3br4nd the newcomer jumping right in.
  7. NeverDateAVampire
  8. TheBoyWhoToldWolfStories — illustrating the importance of narrative
  9. DueToCircumstancesBeyondOurControl — Thinking about free will and determinism
  10. DailyPlanetWantAds
  11. The Encyclopedia of Minor Deities
  12. Jiffy Clean and the Total Perspective Vortex

and while you're at it, take a look at OneSentenceStories

MoreWasteflake (topics in progress) and HalfbakedIdeas

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