Garum—Ancient Roman Umami in a Bottle

Author: K. Kris Hirst - Published Wed 07 of Oct, 2020 09:30 EDT - (13048 Reads)

Fish Sauces for the Roman Empire

This painting illustrating the salted fish and garum production process is on display at the Archaeological Museum of Nabeul, Tunisia. Image by M. Rais

Scientific Rigor vs Accessibility

Author: Kris Hirst - Published Mon 27 of Sep, 2010 17:46 EDT - (7217 Reads)
Walking the Line: Rigor vs. Accessibility. Should scientists explain themselves to the public?

Counting Games

Author: Steve Hirst - Published Fri 12 of Sep, 2003 14:44 EDT - (16647 Reads)
Rating: (9.99/10)
This is my (Steve's) personal contribution to the "Seeing Infinity, Georg Cantor and our experience of the infinite" category. I hope you'll take part in understanding the beauty of Cantor's work and perceive his contriubtion to our understanding of the infinite and our our intuitions.