Terra Preta, Ancient Composting, and Biochar in the Amazon

Author: Kris Hirst - Published Tue 08 of Dec, 2020 08:26 EST - (683 Reads)
Terra preta, a fertile black compost mixture of soil and organic wastes, has been used to improve poor soils in the Amazon for at least 4,500 years. It is what scientists built the biochar concept on—one of the possible tools to fight the effects of climate change. This image is from a home-made terra preta: wood charcoal composted together with yard waste, kitchen slops and soil. The charcoal pieces do not decay during fermentation and can be found in the compost when it is done (white arrows). Photo credit: Holger Casselmann. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Terra_preta_HC1.JPG

Papyrus Ecology and History

Author: K. Kris Hirst - Published Tue 01 of Dec, 2020 02:30 EST - (530 Reads)
Papyrus is where we get the word for paper, and it was one of the earliest forms of organic writing material used on the planet. But that is only a tiny bit of what the plant is good for. This image is of papyrus growing at the Jardín Botánico del Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife. Photo credit: Cyril Nelson.

The Everlasting Unextinguished Legacy of Palimpsests

Author: K. Kris Hirst - Published Tue 24 of Nov, 2020 08:00 EST - (445 Reads)
Students at the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York state discovered that this 15th-century manuscript is an example of a palimpsest: the parchment pages hide a second, earlier text beneath its illustrations.

Water Management at the Maya Capital of Tikal

Author: K. Kris Hirst - Published Fri 30 of Oct, 2020 09:30 EDT - (632 Reads)
The Great Plaza at Tikal, located in the Peten peninsula of Guatemala and pictured here, was used as a source of runoff water by the Maya residents, part of a massive water control management system used for 1,500 years. Photo credit: Ed Nellis.

Cassandra and the Republican Senate

Author: K. Kris Hirst - Published Sun 25 of Oct, 2020 08:00 EDT - (384 Reads)
There are many many reasons to want Donald Trump and his enablers out of the United States government. This one has deep echoes from ancient history.

This image is of the climate and environmental activist Greta Thunberg, one of many people who has inherited a deep sense of commitment in the face of skepticism and insults from people in power. She was speaking at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2020 in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland on the 21st of January this year. Photo copyright World Economic Forum, Manuel Lopez.
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