A serial novel (Snap! Crackle! Pop!)

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Published Chapters

  1. Waldo Inc, in which Epeius and Ulixes talk revolution, and the jairts murmur.

As Yet Unpublished
  1. Transcendental Buffoonery, in which we discover the sad fate of the Babel Fish
  2. Adamantine Waldo Mach 7 Sales Brochure, in which the Adamantine salesforce buffs a bit
  3. Bozartene Molting Festival, at which Molly falls in love again and Stilts is reminded of his Achilles heel
  4. Royal Palace Intrigue, in which Molly's parents plot for her future
  5. Alice at the Cuttlefish Cafe, at which Alice gains encouragement from Fuzzy
  6. Glass Palaces, at which Stella finds her real groove
  7. Penguin Under Glass, in which Stella learns about the Ultimate Tool
  8. The BEE History Drone, in which researchers debate its utility
  9. Bezetta State, in which Stella is warned about Stilts
  10. Working Thesis recounts Stella's work with Severata
  11. A Guide for Cooking Squid, in which Molly gets her assignment
  12. A Delivery Issue, a sensitive silly putty (TM) waldo arrives at Molly's dorm
  13. Alice with Stilts, during which Alice achieves her planet of choice
  14. Stella Unmoored, Stella meets with her family and Stilts
  15. Ruby Leaves the Palace, Molly sheds her last connection with the Royal Grapes family
Part II
  1. Memoirs of BobbyMacFlee in which the key to understanding evolution is scorned
  2. Alice in Orbit Alice and Epeius arrive over Generally Harmless.
  3. Currant and Cattle, somebody actually lands on an alien planet
  4. Reports from Generally Harmless, an argument between Alice and Epeius
  5. Stella Visits Ooze, in which Stella learns what it will take to visit Placid Cold
  6. Stella in Waiting, Stella undergoes infusion and reads about Placid Cold
  7. Alice in Canes, Alice feels the sting of standing on a new planet
  8. Miscellaneous Papers from Unpromising Students, Alice gives a paper on her results so far
  9. The Turtle and the Octopus, Alice meets a charming native of Generally Harmless
  10. Stella Altered in which Stella gets some help and a string of pearls
  11. Molly at Club Sylv, Molly arrives on Sylvan Green
  12. Sylvan Green According to BEE, in which Molly learns the advantages of having two heads
  13. Not Callahans Molly meets Noodles and is told where to go
  14. Dawdle Town, where Stella learns to slow down and smell the mackerel
  15. Minnie Knows Swimming, in which Stella becomes a revolutionary
  16. Beach Scene, in which Molly takes a sip of the leisure life
  17. All About Liminal, where Molly learns what her assignment really is

Part III
Monitor Chapters