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Sour Grapes and Saddle Sores

George Hirst

World View in Political Life May 31,2007

Every person has a view of the world in which they live. It is not because the world needs us, it is we who need to understand the world in which we live. What this says is that my worldview is the place from which I draw my understanding of all sorts of issues and values. The world view must include, not just the space in which I live and move but the whole universe. The reason for that is my experiences, my possessions, and the way I spend my days are informed from every corner of the "little blue orb"on which I live and the rest of the universe.

The commercial world already deals in a diverse community. Finance and Industry hold a world view that respects the worth of other nationalities. There are businesses and factories from one country that operate in another country. The automobile industry is a good example. Trade among commercial ventures has been practiced for a long time. Products produced in every country are bought and sold in every other country. Is there a lesson here? I am intrigued by the way countries that oppose each other on politicial issues work with each other at the commercial level.

Watching our governmental officialdom as they meet with people in other nations and reading their words of advice to them betrays a world view that says democracy is the only way. They play the diplomatic game but it is only a game to them. The voting population of our nation needs to find candidates whose world view demonstrates real respect for other political structures. They need to show us that instead of treating other political persons as enemies, they need to find ways to treat them as associates and friends.

I hear people say, we have alway had wars. Jefferson has been quoted as saying the only way to create a democracy is to cause bloodshed. I don't believe that, neither do I think a person who does not agree with my political stance is an enemy. That person is an associate who believes in hope for a peaceful word.

Helping agencies like the Red Cross and World Food Bank are places where the effort to bring about peace is at work. In order to bring about world peace, we must work on being peaceful persons who do not believe in amed force. We need to lay down our arms and study war no more. It also means that health issues and poverty matters have to be resolved. That means the profit motives have to end and we become a caring, generous world. It begins with each of us in our own neighborhood.

Our World View must include the contents of our Hope, namely, love, kindness, gentleness, generosity, awe and wonder. A World View that is based on fear prevents us from being a unified world, materialism, greed, and selfishness have no place in our lives. This you say is hard, of course it is, respecting people you aren't willing to like or protecting other's needs before your own is difficult. We, the human animal, don't take well to trust or hope. However, once we build a world view that includes the difficult side of our lives, it will be easier to be hopeful.


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