Oh yes, said Mitchell. We have quite a number of your forest creatures on a waiting list to try their luck at being humans. Mrs. Adamson’s lion has been getting along quite well.

Doesn’t her husband know?

No. Well, not chapter and verse. We have found that most spouses in these situations are pretty much oblivious. Lions, in particular, are fast learners.

Hmm, said Henry, I don’t know if I like that.

Well, you know how it goes, you have to give a little to get a little. How about you go home, chat it over with your wife, see how you feel in a few days.

No, said Henry firmly. I want to do this, I really do. How about Saturday?

Mitchell stood up from his desk and walked over to an enormous bookshelf along one of the walls. Let’s see here…. Ah, here it is. He took a book off the shelf and handed it to Henry.

On the tattered book jacket was written “Book of the Month Club, September 1964”.The Way of the Wolf? Said Henry. I’m supposed to read this?

No, no, you couldn’t if you wanted to, it’s in wolf. You just slip it under your pillow on Friday night and off you’ll go first thing Saturday morning.

That’s straightforward enough.

Oh, these short-term jaunts are really no problem at all.

Um. How do I return?

Oh, returns. Well. Either you or the wolf decides you’re done and the deal ends. Or one of you dies. There’s always that possibility.

I’ll be careful, said Henry gratefully.

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