When No News is Good News

Hi Lisa and Kris, this is your inspirating words. thank you Dad

Sour Grapes and Saddle Sores

George Hirst

When No News is Good News February 12, 2009

It disturbs me that most of the news we get through the media has to do with late breaking stories and often those accounts are about violence, lost children, and marital affairs. The news appears on the same day, the same time and for the same length of time in and on every radio and tv station as well as in most newspapers.

The events and people we encounter are not "late breaking", or new news - but are everyday events and ordinary personalities in the world in which we live. The climate in which we live is globally sensitive. That is, there are events and personalities all over the globe that are about daily lives, and of events that are common place.

I have friends who, when they see me, ask "what’s new" I say I do not know any new news, it’s the same old, same old.

Our daughter, Kris, said on her weekly web site she was impressed by the way important people who live in the world are always globally sensitive. That is, a lot of their concerns are important to ordinary people in all parts of our world. Now, not the distinguished, the important but, the ordinary run of the mill. In other words, people and events that do not make the news anywhere is the good news. In fact, are encouraging and comforting to the rest of us who learn of what goes on among ordinary living every where. As our daughter Lisa said on the phone the other day that the best news is no news.

There is no late breaking news from the ordinary people who wash dishes, cook meals and clean houses for their family and janitors who keep buildings clean and orderly for the people who work there. There are thousands of tasks in the world that need "no new" people to make it possible for us to live well and comfortably.

Without two daughters giving information and attention to their world, that world would not be as good as it is. So it is with the rest of us, all the actions that are being done by the "news breakers" would not have any force unless we, in our daily deeds and words, our "no news", are found to be at our same old, same old. We may not win any awards or be given honorary degrees, but we are surely necessary to this "little blue ball."

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