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Sour Grapes and Saddle Sores

George Hirst

Wells of Freedom Feb. 8. 2007

Part of the real world is the source of water for wells. The Galena Aquifer, is a supply of water which begins in and around Galena, Illinois Actually, it is a huge aquifer that spreads out on both sides of the Missippi River. The water east of the river flows underground to the east and south while the water west of trhe river flows to the west and south. Deep wells have been drilled all over the area which includes portions of Wisconsin, Iowa, most of Illinois and Missouri across a portion of Kansas and Oklahoma. The water varies in qualitiy. The wells are not just drilled and the water is there, it has to be brought to the surface and treated for use. You may remember that Don McCauley, Wyoming's "water and sewer" contractor, says that water is the number one solvent on the earth. It picks up all sorts of soluable matter and carries it along with the flow. Each well that is drilled from that source has be be adapted to what is present in the water as well as what its use will be.

The water from the Galena Aquifer is the same all over the area but it has been contanimated by soluble elements of various kinds. Every well is adapted to for delivery of the water to users according to the nature of the water, the depth from which it comes and whatever the amount of water needed.

All of humanity has been given freedom. Freedom like water is a necessity and like the water found at each well freedom bears different elements. Freedom is present wherever a civilization has been established. The use of freedom is restricted by other people and by our own fears and inhibitions.

Living free is a diverse matter. Every person uses freedom the best way they know. We cannot tell others how to live a free life. There have been and are groups that have either moved to a place or gathered as a community so that the sort of freedom in which they believe can be practiced.

Our freedoms are dependent upon how we use them, not from their sources, and our freedoms are influenced by those with whom we disagree rather than those who "think as we do".

Let us find our freedoms knowing that freedom is everywhere. Let us make room at all the wells so that all may drink from the well of freedom.

Living a free life includes using our freedoms, respecting other's freedoms and sharing our thoughts and actions with those around us. If that sounds risky, Jimmie Carter once wrote "Go out on a limb, that is where the fruit is."

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