The coolest thing about the WasteFlake Project is the Wiki, no doubt about it. It allows anybody (however that's defined) to join in the conversations. And here lies the problem.

As believers in the Open Access Movement, not to mention signers of the WasteflakeManifesto, we want to facilitate collaboration. As people who have been on the Internet in one form another for more than a decade, each of us has experience with the disruption and chaos that can obtain when the door is left open. This is a pickle.

How should we fully meet the needs of open communication? It seems our options are these:

1. Follow traditional Wiki format (i.e., open to everybody, whether they're logged in or not).

2. Restrict the Wiki to people who are willing to register with a valid email address. This may mean that they dispense with anonymity.

3. Restrict the Wiki to people who have committed to the project (i.e., some "contributor" status as yet undefined)

4. Dispense with the Wiki entirely.

For the moment, at least until we grow our community beyond what it is now, Option 2 seems best: that open communication works best when you are willing to declare yourself who you are, but are not required to be anything else.

Please feel free to chime in.
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