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Sour Grapes and Saddle Sores

George Hirst

Vital Myths of our lives July 14, 2006

In the first column on myths, I discussed the political myths in the upcoming midterm election. There are more kinds of myths in our lives. The most important one to each of us, is our own personal myth. These are the stories about our life and its experiences. These are expressions of the things that matter to us. These important things are the source of the way advertisers convince us to by their wares. They convonce that their wares are what we want and so reach us through our personal lives. Certainly, the medical world talks to us about our health but even that is based on our "feeling good", not what is good for us. The financial folks attempt to influence the way we invest our money to help us have more money,even that effort has to do with the myths we use to talk about our hope, plans and endeavors.

I have two purposes in writing about myths , one, to help you decide how you will vote in the mid-term election in November, and two, to share the myths of my life which are not the same as yours. Individual natures are the strength of the American way of life as the Pilgrim Fathers learned when they gave up collective farming for private farms (more corn was produced). We need to be speaking to and listening to each other so that our common bond is citizenship, not group thought. We are Red. White and Blue, not Red or Blue!

There are choices about the way to vote, the way we are governed is changeable and democracy is not set in stone. Therefore, I will consider all kinds of myths in my preparations to vote this fall. The myths of our lives are, as I said, the stuff of life. It is that which gives us direction and purpose. My plan for this column is to encourage you to examine the events and listen to the speeches of the next four months leading up to casting a ballot in November. I encourage you to dialogue with your friends and neighbors, who are the most important people in elections, sharing your stories and hearing the the stuff of their lives. Most important of all, encourage them to vote. After all, not only are voters important to our system, they are vital to the health of our land.


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