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George Hirst

Visions of a real world January 25, 2007

This winter has been providing a disturbance for my mind. To say that another way, part of the real world involves two aspects that are providing visions but are unreachable to my hands or my mind. One of them is the kind of weather we have been having, heavy rainfall, dry conditions, and temperature variations (wam where it should be cold and cold where it should be warm) The weather in my part of my real world gives me little to smile about.

The first of December, 2006's heavy snow fall, Monday, January 15th's winter storm with ice, snow and falling temperatures that slowed the usual round of affairs for a lot of us. The ten year rainfall report that Larry Meaker sent me reported a maximum rainfall in 1998 of 43.34 inches and a minimum rainfall in 2005 of 18.67 inches. Rainfall in 2006 was the second highest recorded in those ten years of 35.51 inches. The 2006 summer temperatures was among the highest on record. If you remember, we had a lot of 100 degree days. '05 was hot and dry, '06 was hot and wet.

There isn't anything we can do about changing the weather. Weather watchers give us a view of the way the universe is operating. I am used to a world where there are four seasons, not weather that is spring like and then wintry, wet and then dry.I am not comfortable with the reports from weather satellites, nor commentaries from climatologists.

The other mind boggling matter is that knowledge of the universe keeps increasing. When I was young, our solar system was all we knew much about. Galileo had moved us from the notion that our earth was the center of the universe to being a part of a galaxy around our sun. I never thought about there being other suns or even that our sun was not the brightest star in the universe. I understand well that the knowledge of the universe is a work in progress. I am comortable with the information that comes our way from all those satelites and teachings about our universe although, I will no doubt ever fully comprehend it all.

Awhile ago Nasa published, on the internet, a picture of the universe from the satelite Cassini that is visiting Venus across to our earth. The earth was seen as a "lone blue ball" out in space. Scientists tell us that the blue color indicates the presence of life. A portion of the people who are studying our universe are looking for "blue orbs" out in other galaxies. The concept they seek to answer is simply stated, we are not alone.

The solar system around our sun contains eight planets, the earth is sixth in size just smaller than the planet Venus. The search of life in the universe is in the Galaxy named the Milky Way, of which our system is a very small part. An interesting note is that all of the other planets in our system would fit in the planet Jupiter.

I have always known that weather forecasting is not an exact science. I have grown into the concept that the Universe is a huge, complex system of all sorts of planets, suns black holes. I appreciate the people who tell us about the physical world in which we live. The problem is, I think, that the knowledge keeps changing and growing as well as being portrayed in such wonderful ways that I am sobered by it all. I need to find a vision of the grace and beauty in the universe.

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