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Sour Grapes and Saddle Sores

George Hirst

Unfinished Civilization February 1, 2007

Old Joke: A person died and went to heaven (wherever that is). He was was met by Gabriel at the gate. The angel asked the person where he would like to stay,pointing out a lot of high rise housing, telling the new arrival who the people were in each of them. The newcomer saw a highrise way off in the distance, so high in the clouds as to be almost hidden. He (of course "he" is a male) asked - who is up there? Gabriel replied, Oh, some politicians live there. They don't know anybody else is up here.

A present issue these days is our government trying to export our democracy. I get the distinct feeling that the powers that be think they have the right and only kind of government, the right religion and permission to use whatever good that is present for their use.

What amazes me is that the "little blue ball' in the Milky Way Galaxy is a highly diversified and occupied territory. Not only is the humanoid population separated, and has been for centuries, but it seems terribly arrogant to think that these lately arrived creatures not only are not all alike, but they hold themslves to be superior to all other creatures that have been here longer.

It seems to me that wars ought to be brought to an end. The high cost of weaponary as well as a mind boggling amount of loss of life ought to move us to less costly ways to ways to resolve problems.

Civilization is a work in progress. That progress is dependent upon and influenced by people who care enough about how a body of people functions both in terms of needs, and the workings of the body that provides the services necessary for good order.

The world of commerce's common efforts that produce goods and services are proof that we can work peacefully together.

A hopeful sign is that there are persons who defend the right of existence for all abused creatures. One of these centuries some one is going to find ways of to bring the abuse of power to an end. Maybe by just proving that when we die we all go to the same place? The purposes of people who seek justice for all, and peace for of the creatures of the world will triumph. I believe it has already begun.

Sidney Portier wrote "we are all imperfect and life is simply a struggle against those imperfections." 1. When that is learned, civilization can move to another level.

1. "Wisdom from our Elders" Kathryn and Ross Petras

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