Togetherness in Our Nation

Hi; Think about this: how strong is our national spirit?

Sour Grapes and Saddle Sores

George Hirst

Togetherness in our nation. Sept 25, 2008

Last June I wrote a column entitled, "It is not about me." The message of that column had to do with our diversity and how essential it is to the well being of our common life. We need to understand that our diversity is not something we own. In fact, our diversity owns us! When a candidate tells the voters that they alone have the solution to a problem with our public life and finds fault with their opponent, we all lose. Making enemies out of associates in our political life is a big mistake. Again, we are owned by our National Spirit, it is the ruler of all our lives, and that rule is a diverse population.

When a candidate makes speechesor his "talking heads" design a speechit should only contain how their qualifications make them the best person for the office. The person running for the office as a member of the other political party instead of defending against criticism, can also tell us why they are best fitted for the task. Then, the voters can elect the person to the office guided by the National Spirit of the populace.

Negative campaigning has been around a long time. Most officious of all was the Bull Moose party which was present when Theodore Roosevelt ran for president. I guess that we have become so accustomed to the practice of finding unfavorable behaviors of a candidate that we don’t think much about it. One thing I do know that on the staff of writers there are research personnel who are paid to find things that can be published to question the fitness of opposition candidates.

Maybe, our political parties are having a good time finding reasons why their opponents are not fit to govern. Maybe they are giggling among themselves about the dismay that results from the bad mouthing they do. A lot of voters are disturbed by such nastiness. We need divisions to keep the whole process honest and doing what the nation needs. We do not believe what candidates say about each other, whatever life is like for that person. The National Spirit of our land respects all of us.

The National Spirit is among us all. Every citizen loves our country. It is not just each of us, it is all of us. We are in our national life together. It is a well known fact that any disaster finds quick response from everyone. The only thing that matters is that there is a need that must be resolved. A good example of that response is the outflow of assistance that went to Galveston, Texas and other places when Ike (A hurricane) came on shore recently. We must come together as a nation and close out the mess the election process is in and , elect people who will change all the the national officers for persons who will remember that there is a National Spirit that welcomes everyone, believes in a wide diversity of thought, and will remember that Thomas Jefferson left us with examples of the ways to deal with threats and disasters.

The upcoming election has all the signs of an urgent need. We are in bad shape financially as a nation and we are led by politicians who have forgotten why they ran for office. Be sure to cast your vote for the person that you believe will lead the reformation of the way our country is governed.

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