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Sour Grapes and Saddle Sores

George Hirst

Looking for better acts through all the tough stuff July 3, 2008

The words of writers and speakers seem to fall into two major categories with a whole host of minor ones. To lay out the scene, one category wants to keep on keeping on with no consideration of the disarray in the world , the other one wants to change things, that usually comes out with exploitations of personal places where things are wrong. The keep on keeping on voices are scary because there is much need for course corrections. The changers are scary because they usually want do things for some people without involving the people of the world.

If that sounds as if I feel left out, and, I do feel that way. The flood of words and ideas does not ask, it tells. I get the impression that is like the old saying, "Fighting like two cats in a bag." The struggle is not only against each other, it is in a situation from which there is no escape. Or, if illustration does not suit you, how about the juggler that has too many objects in the air? He keep dropping objects.

The matters are probably illustrated by my view of my life. The world does not stand still, new things keep getting added, different ways keep showing up with which I have to deal. A sample of this is the "tech" things. All the little "boxes" that can do all sorts of things from calling people, to taking internet messages, to playing music, and keeping all sorts of records in line. All in a box smaller than a pack of cigarets.

The computer world is one I can relate to, but even there my skills as an "old person" barely touch what is available there. When we go out into the country side we find all sorts of lifestyles and behaviors that are taken as the norm for lots of folks. I have looked at a NASA web site for several years, distances to planets and stars when it takes fifteen minutes for a report to come from a lander on Mars to earth is simply overwhelming. The size of the universe beyond the company of our sun is beyond comprehension.

Our daughter, Kris who is an archeological scientist, gave me a book entitled, The Great Journey, sub-titled "The Peopling of Ancient Americas" by Brian M. Fagan, that tells about people living in North America at the end of the glacial period, fourteen thousand years ago! . The Indians as we came to know them were the descendants of those early settlers. There are signs that those early people lived all over the place as they dealt with things like global warming, seasonal changes and search for food and shelter.

If that confuses you, and I hope it has, you just joined my club of confusion. I am troubled enough with the high price of oil, the disarray our politicians have produced in governing our land, all the bad weather, the heavy rains, floods, drought, forest fires, tornadoes, and the greed that has shown itself among the corporations.

However, learning about the way people survived before us and left signs of the lessons they learned from the changes in their existence, tells me, that what I must do is to be tough and quiet and go about my business in my small ways. It is for sure that no one is going to help me to exist, they are too busy living and learning, too. The old saying, "When the going gets tough, the tough get going" is true for sure.

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