The Encyclopedia of Minor Deities

These offerings may be entirely fiction of the magical realism variety, based on nothing but imagination; but they might also tell tales based on ancient mythology; and they may saunter into ancient history or even modern reality from time to time. They will have a few literary sources, and owe inspiration to Ken Liu, Kate Wilhelm, Douglas Adams, Neil Gaiman, and Gabriel García Márquez.

Current entries
  1. Jewel Djinn, Why Very Wealthy People are Batshit Crazy
  2. Atë, Goddess of Delusion and Bad Life Choices
  3. Cassandra and the Republican Senate and partly a political opinion)
  4. Anoia, Goddess of Things That Stick in Drawers
  5. Demon of Farting After Surgery
  6. The Potato Headed God Makes a Visit
  7. The Monitor
    1. Monitor Chapters
    2. Monitor Notes
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