The BEE History Drone

The BEE history drone accessed in Stilt’s investigations described in this document was created in Bozartene labs in the year 2525 and installed over various planets in beta testing status over the next several centuries. News about the release was embargoed for the greater part of a millennium, in order, the Bozartene publisher said, to have data to show academics its utility. The news broke to mixed reviews.

Artist’s rendering of NASA’s Aqua Satellite orbiting earth. Image credit: AIRS
Artist’s rendering of NASA’s Aqua Satellite orbiting earth. Image credit: AIRS

  • The BEE History Drone is a top-secret satellite created by the Bozartene empire, and, as if those idiots would ever let a little thing like bad p.r. happen, I couldn't get an image to use. This satellite, with the complete and utterly free and painless agreement of NASA, will have to suffice. Think of the BEE drone as looking like this one, only with wings and a stinger.
  • The image of NASA’s Aqua Satellite, is part of the Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS) photo collection on Flickr. https://www.flickr.com/photos/atmospheric-infrared-sounder/8263869886
BEE History set to make history of its own.__
Bozart City News, New Year’s Day, 3579.
"Researchers with the Bozartene Exploratory Expedition announced today the results of a long-term study of emerging societies on multiple planets. Beginning 10 centuries ago, a satellite known as the BEE History drone was installed in a high orbital position above each of 500 planets in 120 known star systems. The satellite was installed above subject planets to record their histories, climate conditions, and political maturity without impacting the inhabitants. According to a report published today in The Journal of Advancing Robots, 17 out of the 500 installed drones have reported evidence of emergent civilizations. Researchers were able to ascertain that given the proper circumstances and additional funding, the BEE History drone can identify emergent civilizations."

To Preserve Lost Knowledge of Disappearing Worlds
“Civilizations come and go: that is an entrenched truism. The Bozartene civilization is the only one in the universe that has seen clearly the various losses ancient planets have suffered throughout time, and that is only because we colonized broadly enough. The Bozartene Enlightened Explorers (BEE) is a small group of forward-thinking scholars who believe that the universe is losing its diversity as its stars burn out. While most people in our civilization are shortsighted about the benefits of history at all, archaeologists and historians recognize the gifts the past can give us. We, the members of the BEE society, believe there is a need to find a way to preserve the lost knowledge of disappearing worlds—moving whole populations isn't practical; saving individuals or small groups results in treacherously narrowed gene pools; collecting archived records from the various planets is random and spotty. So the BEE invented the BEE History, dedicated to the capture of all collective knowledge in video, audio, textual, and neurological formats, for each planet in which we have established a foothold.” Professor Harley Quinn, MA, PhD, MBE, BEE, Barvard University, “BEE History Drone: Collecting Ancient Civilizations.” 3579 AF, Journal of Advancing Robots vol. 544 iss 1, pp: 220-225.

A Ridiculous Waste to the Taxpayers
“The BEE History Drone is a ridiculous waste of taxpayer dollars for what is in effect trivial pieces of space jewelry. It is the height of madness for the BEE to claim that there is ‘evidence of civilization,’ when they haven’t described what that evidence might be, let alone defined what ‘civilization’ is. Furthermore, if it works as planned, this drone will suck out all the mystery of the highly esteemed professions of history and archaeology, making redundant millions of highly trained personnel.” Severata Roggerta M.A., Ph.D., MBE, University of Boxford. OpEd in Exo-Science, January 6, 3579 AF.

Labor Saving
“A highly creative idea, the BEE History Drones will save the labor of thousands, and be an accurate record of goings-on we can keep millennia after the doomed civilizations fail and collapse... And in the long run, the BEE History Drones will support vital research, such as my own work into the progress of civilizations on foreign worlds." H. S. Stilts, M.A., Ph.D., MBE, BEE, University of Bozart.” OpEd in The Bleaker Street Journal, January 7, 3579 AF.

"This is a scam, pure and simple, created to help the Bozart empire conquer more worlds by furthering the careers of its supporters, and make money using annoying popup ads." Anonymous posting on InstyPot, January 8, 3579 AF.

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