If enough users, at enough keyboards, enter enough subject lines from spam, will it be art? Add an item or two or three from your own spam, wherever you like.

The signatures on spam are getting more and more like names used by W.C. Fields, so I'm starting a second poem on names. PS: somebody should tell the owner of the Fields site that the quote from "It's a Gift" is 'Don't call me Mr. Biss-oh-net in front of Mrs. Biss-oh-net. It's Biss-oh-nay!'

Spam Art

"Dearest, I'm afraid this morning's fruschtique*- as Foka the cook calls
it- has disagreed with me."
was it you choirmaster razor
expectant divide
watersideing so sometimes fun
Do you like instant gratification ? xgux
Don't live to work, work to live
Got Bugs ?
Join the Alliance against Unwanted Mail
Just select "Be Ordained" to complete the process
Enjoy a piece of mindwjgg2
5 millones de emails por 3,500 pesos
beater rutgers affiliate mysterious algenib
spacious lappet antarctic menelaus cyanamid bursty
perpetual rickety
i eat whatever and it will work
The secret to attracting girls is in the pheromones Zxa3 l%RND
Maxima Velocidad es Vertigo
Free Poetry Contest-Winner Gets $10,000
deputy hotbed
noodle advertise dictum lexicography
master! live like a king
A praeneural utriculiform advertizementh
lingo vest
Archaeology vollgespritzt und rausgetropft! Rm5fncmht748 ?
buddhism cornbread
burrow bosch cannot cowry
How to become a getting-rich ?
1. Acquire a passionate desire to get rich.
2. Set up a goal: to get rich.
3. Wealth potential is not on a bank account first of all, but within a person.
4. Become clever.
5. Getting-rich people are the least free.
(95 more)
Cohen and depression (can they be thinking of Leonard? He certainly depresses me)
And Still I Come! panda
caramel squawroot concert
peoria guffaw

and duly in time for pandemonium:

Light Sanitizer: Use This UVC Light Sanitizer

• The portable lamp that sterilises everything within reach.
• Easy to use and light. A single user-friendly ON/OFF button.
• It runs on a high-performance battery. Protect your family!

Signature Art
Glen L. Litigiousness
Squandering J. Serenest
Vermouth J. Easternmost
Hershel Hodge
Polyphonic R. Countersank (banjo@zip-a-dee-do-da.com)
Conjugate P. Splotched: Thhe 'Sciencce' of Picking Up Women
Aphorism K. Dumfounds
Crappy I. Stance
"tommie harvey" <fralep@whatachump.com>
Schoenberg K. Scantiness
Celsiuses U. Afterword
Stereoscope C. Teacup
"Extractor K. Dye" <menfolk@offsick.com>
Lingos F. Wastebaskets
Hunchbacked M. Permit
Snowballing U. Stalinist
Xeroxing O. Altercation
"Handle J. Odiously" <detailing@iloveboltonwanderers.com>
Sloshes H. Toadies
Solemnize S. Permeability
Terkel M. Whacked
Lizards J. Nasturtiums
Refillable H. Proclivities
Flopping Hundreds
Mitzi U. Benavides

Spam Content Art

And now, spammers are adding random sentences and quotations to their solicitations.

Starting off with an addition to the "UNIVERSITY DIPLOMAS and DEGREES" spam:

If the pay was right, I'd travel with the carnival.
(Of course, if you had "your very own MBA diploma" you wouldn't have to)
I did not object to the object.


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