Sour Grapes for 12/04
Seeing The Ordinary
Why can't we respect all people the way that farmers respect the land? Farmers treat the land with care, they work to keep its fertility, to keep weeds down and to assist in its production of food. They also treat it as a responsibility to preserve it for future generations.

People of all sorts are part of the same creation. They are not our enemies, but associates in a world where all of us live.

Andrew Alden, Geologist wrote this week, "I think that helping people see their surroundings with fresh eyes is a wonderful thing to do."

Putting freshness into our everyday living - not yesterday nor today or tomorrow.
Second to my intention to inform you about the people, events and environment present and close at hand, is to remind you that the ordinary things of our world are important both for our present day living and to be taken care of for future generations. Opposed to the best things and the worst things, the ordinary things of our lives are to be appreciated because, they are necessary to our world.

As I wait for better weather to spend time with a reasarching several things that I need to see with fresh eyes, this column is a "sermon" on appreciating and respecting our surroundings.

Here are two illustrations. What I have learned about the "valley" helps me to look at the land and farmsteads with appreciation and to see it differently every time we travel the valley blacktop. As I travel our roads and see the trash lying in the ditches and in the fields I realize that all too often people treat the land where they don't live like a wastebasket. That is discouraging.

Knowing the history of our land helps me respect the people who lived here before we did. It opens my eyes to see that the trash I see is on land under someone's care and must be respected.

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