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George Hirst

A Republic or A Democracy February 7, 2008

Super Tuesday is over and we have fewer candidates so the "Beauty Contest" is over. It is time to for us stop being an audience and become participants in the change about which they all talk. The problem is going to be that some of the contestants talked about change as going back, to things like Reaganomics, to the good old days, while others spoke about keeping on and as the President said "be patient" and, do away with the war. All of the contestants were sure that we are sharply divided politically, giving the impression that their party was the only one that could solve our problems.

Kansas Governor,Kathleen Sebelius, in response to the State of the Union address,said, "I'm a Democrat,but tonight, it really doesn't matter whether you think of yourself as a Democrat, or a Republican, or an independent. or none of the above. Instead, the fact you're tuning in this evening tells me each of you is, above all, an American first."

She went on and, in spite of what the political pundits who discussed the speeches said,(in part)", "I hope to offer you something more, An American Response". ,,, "...we have no more patience with divisive politics." "In spite of the attempts to convince us that we are divided as a people, a new American majority has come together. We are tired of leaders who rather than asking what we can do for our country, ask nothing of us at all."

The Governor Sebelius concluded with this, "On behalf of the new American majority the majority of elected officials at the national, state and local level, and the majority of Americans,we ask you, Mr. President, to join us. We are ready to work together, to be the America we have been - and can be once again."

We will have a change because every candidate spoke it. We can be sure to have the change we need now that the candidates have thinned out and we can begin to see what the remaining ones understand by change. The old needs to go, we need to be a democracy. The people need to act and, to insist by word and deed that we ,the public, must be seen as participants, not receivers.

That means all sorts of things, and what it means to me is electing those candidates with little or no previous experience in public office, or who have been moving in directions against the grain of the office holders of our governing bodies. It means bringing the common life into life of all of us, not letting corporations grow larger with more profit, and that our government officials be the servants they talk about being. It means understanding that taxes are the way we finance government and the way we help people who need help.

A democracy is led by people who are respected by the people and who are respectful of the people. A democracy is a way of governing by and for and with the people.

Final Word: Start now - examine the persons running for office and plan to vote, encouraging everyone else around you to cast a ballot in November for the New America..

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