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Hi Sort of sharing what I have gained and learned from my therapy at IPMR. Now if I can hang on to it all. I love you all. .

Saddle Sour Grapes and Saddle Sores

George Hirst

Rehabilitation services October 29,2009

Physical rehabilitation has become a good part of people's lives. For a very long time I have known people who walk every day, others talk about exercise machines that help keep their bodies well. I have admired these folks but it was not until I encountered a personal loss of strength and an affliction called lymphedema, (the swelling of my feet and legs) did I think that I needed to exercise beyond my daily activity at work.

I consulted my doctor and he prescribed a "water" pill to reduce the swelling, that did not work. I went to the Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. I was given an evaluation, and was admitted for therapy. Debbie, a therapist, administered Compression bandaging which reduced the swelling my legs and feet. Then Maureen took over and took me through a series of exercises three times a week for several weeks. I have gained strength in my legs and arms and feel much better. This is only one of a lot of therapies administered by physical and occupational therapists.

IPMR began in 1950 as a charitable, non-profit organization. It began as a treatment center for polio patients and disabled veterans, an innovator in rehabilitative medicine. It employs 180 full and part time staff working in 15 Service Positions. The Administrative Office is at 6501 N Sheridan Road in Peoria. The stated goal of IPMR is "To improve function and quality of life."

IPMR provides services from Driving Evaluation and Training to Wellness Programs that include Acupuncture, Exercise Classes and Massage Therapy. There are sixty-one services in all with qualified therapists in all fields. Someone may have a physical problem, who like me, thinks it has to be lived with because of age, but that it not so. My recommendation is to talk with the family doctor and get a reference from that person to IPMR. I am a slow learner, Dodie encouraged me get the support I needed. My life is easier with stronger legs and arms.

I have observed other clients at IPMR with various problems, such as recovering from a stroke and doing very well. Maureen said that the therapists in the Physical Services each see from seven to ten clients a day. When I was working out in the gym using several machines under direction, I saw other clients with severe problems working at becoming stronger and finding a better quality of life.

Anyone who has lost strength, or is disabled or handicapped will find assistance here. I would tell persons who have physical problems that their quality of life can be improved. I am grateful to my therapists for guidance and help.

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