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George Hirst

Now, America First November 7, 2008

I am writing this two days before the Election. I am writing to tell us all that the event is over and we have office holders. The political affiliation of those winners are no longer candidates, they are holders of an elected office. It no longer really matters who won, it now becomes the responsibility of those persons to prepare to be sworn into office. They now must fulfill the duties of that office and, if what most of them promised, they will bring about changes necessary to not only fill the job, but make the changes that everyone said was needed

There were a great many changes that we spoke of during the campaign. I am not at all sure but what those changes which candidates spoke of weren’t crowd-pleasers and not very serious. Things like get rid of corruption or end the legislative bills that were only making the rich richer. Those are easily said. I do not think anyone knows what is necessary to make those changes.

The changes that the public now must make and must keep for the entire term of office are apparent to me. We must stop fault finding, half truths and character assignations, not just about the elected officials but about each of us. This is the 21st Century and, a great many things are different that have not been attended to and no matter which political affiliation, we the American public will need to work together so that a government of, by and for the people can be in force. Government of any place or stature is to work for the benefit of the health of the whole nation, state, or metropolis. We very badly need to learn how to arrive at a group consensus on any concern so that the needs of every human being in our land is served. Liberal or Conservative, Democrat or Republican, or Green Party, all of our political affiliations need to agree to disagree and then work out common solutions.

We cannot do this by legislation, we do this by being conscientious citizens who believe in freedom of speech for all. I heard a pretty good definition for free speech, my freedom of speech ends just before it gets in the way of your freedom. I can disagree, but I cannot say, You are wrong. In other words, none of us are ever right or wrong all the time.

We all must put our country first. That is expensive because it requires sacrifices of many sorts, we need to give up some personal benefits, we must cease from acts that put others in danger, and hatred and jealousy must stop. We are all different, we are a diverse land that has benefitted from differences. We need to be proud of our differences in race, color or creed.

The election is over, and we are glad. Now we can see things that need correction and we can get together and find solutions to the problems that ours.

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