Susan and Derek drove out in Derek’s car, a large, black Lincoln with a nearly silent engine. They headed south from Boca Raton toward Miami, and then turned west on Okeechobee Road.

“Susan, dear. Is there anything I should know before I meet your aunt?”

“I can’t think of anything.”

“Perhaps you should explain why your mother and she had a disagreement?”

“Oh, right. Well, remember how I told you Daddy ran off with his secretary when I was ten?”

“Darling; of course I remember.”

“Well, Mother and Minnie had a huge fight about it. Beth and I never did find out why. I suppose Minnie took his side. Okay, take the next exit, and turn left. It’s got to be close now. Try that road right there.”

Derek turned down the black topped roadway. A street sign, not visible from the main thoroughfare, read “Oleander Road.” “Oh that’s it. Now, three miles down the roadway.”

Oleander Road was dimly lit, the number of street lights decreasing the farther they drove from the main highway.

“All right, Susan, that’s three miles.” The road ended abruptly, but four separate lanes radiated off Oleander, two south back toward the highway, and two north into the everglades. Derek pulled off the road and stopped the car on the shoulder. “Which direction now?”

Susan looked again at the note. “Well, Beth says take the north lane, but she doesn’t say which. You want to just drive down one?”

“Susan, look how rutted these lanes are. I’d prefer to not risk damaging the car’s suspension—it’s possible we might even become hopelessly mired. We do need to arrive at the airport on time this evening. Will you remain here while I investigate?”


“Lock the doors.”

“Yes, dear."

Susan watched as Derek pulled his cape from the back seat and slung it over his shoulders, before he began to walk down one lane toward a faint light burning in the darkness.

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