The condition I am reacting to is a corporatized, uniform quality that pervades everything from manufactured goods and fast food to culture and entertainment. It was the case, in my youth where shoddy merchandise and poorly produced entertainment was a problems; I'm not claiming that is the situation today; modern manufacture and managment technologies produce things and ideas of good quality. The problem is more the mono-culture that results from this highly engineered environment.

This page is be a compilation of examplar's of this kind of reaction. It's going to be a bit of a hodge podge as I work through my ideas 'out loud.'

First a story which may be related. I had bought a print and was selecting which state of the print I wanted in the artist's uncle's studio. Before me was four images of Samuel Beckett with differing tonal ranges each with it's own character. The uncle was bemoaning the on-coming digital revolution and saying that people were no longer interested in prints. I replied that we would never replace the print as an object produced one at a time with varying qualities. I don't remember his exact reply but he didn't have much hope. I believe we must cling to this; the variations may have been slight but they were there and seeing them laid out it effected the way I perceived the image. I want an esthetic that preseverves this variation.
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