1. An exploration of BeingLiminal. Related to Kris's story about a ManWhoWantsToBeAWolf.
  2. Archimedes and the PersistenceOfScience
  3. Science explained for the non-scientist — WhatIsScience. Related to this, considerations of the appeal of NonScience.
  4. TechnicalCommunication discussion about the the mechanics of this site and other Wiki sites plus other things
  5. EditingTricks which is a test of the concept as a tool to help communication between electronic editing folk
  6. CommentsVsForums discussing what we really mean by "open"
  7. One form of popular science was the CabinetOfCuriosities from a time when science was more a matter of cataloging than explaining.
  8. Better living through chemistry — MixologicalScience is an introduction to the artifacts, literature, cocktail creations and more of mixological science.
  9. The Pete Rose scandal has reminded some of us that there are individuals who are geniuses in their field and terrible failures at being human beings. When it comes to scientists, we think of this as InHumanScience.
  10. How to spot a really choice FoolishIdea
  11. Would it be useful to have a list with links to OtherInterestingWikis ?
  12. SoWhatsUp a diary of happenings in and around Wasteflake.
  13. HalfbakedIdeas — thoughts and questions not quite ready for primetime
  14. TheStaircase — a place to capture esprit de l'escalier.
  15. Don't know if this is on-topic for this page, but I had a scary dream which may make an interesting story. I'll call it... TheDimming .
  16. A proposed list of FortuneCookieSayings
  17. PlagueDreams are you having any interesting dreams?
Are you scared yet? PS: If you're playing any WorldBuildingGames with me, I'd advise not reading anything I write until we're except OneSentenceStories because there may be inadvertent spoilers. --f1r3br4nd

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