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Sour Grapes and Saddle Sores

George Hirst

Making things better for July 26, 2007

The people of the world are trying to change the physical world. Our country is trying to make the whole world democratic and we have gone to war with some of the people in each country to bring about democracy. The countries that oppose us are also trying to change things by using force and killing the opposition in order to support dictatorships. The only benefit in those efforts seems to be for the corporations who deal in war equipment or produce oil. We are now beset by bloody wars and threatening propaganda. In recent months I have attempted to make something happen with a better policial approach. If you don't remember, I have tried to use words of hope to build a world rather than words of threat and fear.Some agree with me and others say it is all too nice.

The end result is that still nothing happens, nothing changes. Granted making peace happen in a terror torn world takes time. The leadership of the whole world needs to be convinced that war and angry words do not bring peace. I am told that war is inevitable. I do not believe it, but how do we make things change so that peace can happen?

The change to a peaceful world is not coming into being, no matter. by use of force nor threat. The change is not coming by the use of public law, no matter the laws. A peaceful world is coming into being because there are people who believe that there is only one body of human beings, all of us, from the same set of genes millions of years ago. We are all one. A peaceful world is coming into being because there are groups of people who believe that being kind to all creation is the only task. We need to do two things: believe in one world, a diversified world, and we need to learn that being kind is good.

We are one set of beings set in a whole universe. Archeologists tell us that according to their assessments of the remains of ancient civilizations the human race began in Africa. From that beginning, the human race spread throughout the rest of the world. Environment and life styles created a diversity of appearances, living practices and stories about the way each civilization came to be. I read that the human body in all places carries a 99 percent similiarity in gene structure.

Human beings are only one small part of life in the universe. Other animal and plant lives were created in each part of a developing ,diverse world. Those beings share the same space human life does. Peace is coming because human beings are working at being partners with every person and every plant and animal. Cooperation and respect, not competition and force, is the key to finding peace. It is hard and will take time, but it is coming.

Understand that kindness is living personally with the concept of:do no harm, make things better. respect others, be fair, and be compassionate. It's not enough to simply avoid harming people ... We're called upon to make things better, I believe that a life lived with hope acts kindly to its environment and in so doing leaves its occupied space better than it was when that life began. Spiritual living is lived one person at a time, it is a matter of individual effort. Such a life means that each one of us must live a kind life. Now, you don't need to "love" everyone, but you do have to be kind. Random acts of kindness rather than concentrated group effort really will change the world. Help some one with a problem, but do not solve the problem for him or her.

Another part of this kind life is respecting nature and the universe. Go outside on a dark night and look at the lights in the sky and remember that each of those lights represents an object that fills space. If that does not boggle your mind, you are not happy with your world.

Make your world a better place by being kind to people around you. Learn how to protect your environment. Be a peacemaker where you are by being kind to your environment.

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