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concept map — map

midden, looks like a midden to the untalented, like an intriguing thing to a talented untutored, like a control bpx for the neighborhood for the midden handler.

by midden we mean compost heap, but with the older definition included. Archaeology theory argues that middens are storage areas, that you put something in a midden as a temporary holding tank for stuff that is still usable, just not right then.

Compost heaps do best when under a deciduous tree (shade in summer and early fall, sun in spring and winter)

strata: brown on bottom, then green, then dirt

composting is good for soil, recycling, storage of things that may be improved over time with the storage

middens contain burials sometimes, sometimes complete bowls, but more frequently broken ones, mends on bowls are known archaeologically (drill a hole and tie the pieces together). figurines?

compost continuum/aspects: green/brown (nitrogen/carbon), hot/cold, sifted/chunky, precise/approximate, neat/messy, enclosed/open, aerobic/anaerobic

good ingredients: vegetable/natural scraps (peels, cores, shells, even cotton and paper scraps), hair, some moisture
why good: balance, promoting breakdown/change into another usable substance
bad ingredients: fat, oil, meat, unnatural ingredients (staples, foil, wax), shit (debatable; some from herbivores ok, from carnivores bad, too much bad)
why bad: draws vermin, makes bad smells, stops change into usable stuff and goes toward slime
good aspects: temperature warm toward hot at the center, moist as a squeezed-out sponge, sweet earthy smell
bad aspects: cold, very dry or sopping wet, slimy, stinky

crystal blather for Pearl
Clear Quartz: for focus, hold it in your hands and tell yourself that you will focus on what is important; put it on your calendar and your to-do list
Amethyst: use in stressful situations, to clear your mind
Rose Quartz: be compassionate and kind to yourself and others; hold it, squeeze it to remind yourself to be kind. Put under your pillow (Pearl will have a lumpy pillow), put it on your familiar's collar or sew into a stuffie if you can't have a live familiar, wear it on a (velvet?) ribbon or leather thong (need to look into properties of leather, velvet, other materials
Apache Tears
Black Tourmaline
Shungite ???

thought for a future scene with Auditor:
The Auditor stopped a few paces from the pile and tilted his head to squint at it. "How could you have allowed this imbalance? I'm afraid that this is no longer a potential hazard; it's actively drawing pests."
"No," Maggie began to protest, but then she smelled the sticky sweetness that was wrinkling the Auditor's nose. "Well ... what, exactly?"
"You name it."
She sniffed at the air — sweet, not so bad at first, then cloying, heavy, just a little too much. "Not .. fairies?"
"Not fairies." The Auditor looked grim. "Faerie. Fay. The Fair Folk, the Elven Host, the Seelie Court, the silken banners of phantasy." Maggie groaned. "Lock up your little girls," he continued relentlessly.

Tell the damn story.

Don't decide too soon what the story is. If you think you know the story too soon, all your observations are filtered through that story. Pearl thinks she knows the story, and it's very dramatic and occult and flashy. Abbey is the one with aptitude and interest, and she's intrigued without knowing why.

Pearl thinks she has a totem, but it may not be what she thinks it is.
It's a short scramble up a hill to a discontinued railroad (spur?) which goes to an abandoned brick/tileworks. Decrepit buildings to poke around, kiln waste in odd shapes, piles of broken bricks and tiles, old pathways, roadways.

There will be a compost pile and a Compost pile. There will be a middle of the garden and a Heart of the garden.

Sections so far
  1. KitchenMidden
  2. KitchenMiddenTwo
  3. ThingInTheMiddle
  4. MeanwhileWithAbbey
  5. AbbeyStillInGarden
  6. ProposedConsequences
  7. PearlAndAbbey
  8. BackToMaggie

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