Ken Ken aka Praetorius Ken

Dr. Praetorius Ken is the professional name of a research scientist with a PhD from Cambridge, an MD from Johns Hopkins, although they do not admit these credentials. In this guise, they prefer the pronoun they/them. After the secession of the central states (portions of Iowa, North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho), Ken set up a practice with Karen Mazurski on the eastern border of the Iowa territory, in a small town near the Mississippi River. There, Ken's clinic combines the acceptable form of science in the new HyperAmerica (spiritualism) with established traditional western medicine and traditional healing.

In truth, Ken does not consider himself nongendered, but rather gay, and his real name is Ken Ken, for which he loathes his parents. He took his name for his new identity from his favorite college professor DrPraetorius and because the clinic studies three illicit things: real medicine, traditional healing, and pseudoscience, and the fictional Doctor Noah Praetorius (in the Cary Grant film People Will Talk) was just such a practitioner. Septimus Praetorius was also the name of the mad scientist colleague of Victor Frankenstein, which makes Ken Ken smile from time to time. He sometimes thinks he is portraying himself as a wizard but recognizes that people in HyperAmerica might well object to that classification.

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