As she came by the printer on her way back to her cubicle, Madeline picked up an empty paper box. “Unbelievable,” she thought to herself.

“Congratulations!” said Jim.

“Shut up,” said Madeline. She put her boyfriend’s picture in the box and then stood looking around her cubicle. She’d been there five years, and she just realized that she had hardly made a dent in the cubicle. Oh well, did it really matter now? “I quit,” she said.

“What?” said Jim.

“They picked somebody else for that promotion,” said Madeline. “Some woman named Leslie something or other.”

“Leslie Newford?” said Jim.

“That’s it,” said Madeline. “Why, you’ve heard of her?”

“Yeah,” said Jim. “She was at the office party last Christmas. Works in the Atlanta office. Kinda quiet, a little overweight. My wife liked her, I guess. She’s uh, I think she’s Mr. Monaghan’s niece.”

“That figures,” said Madeline. “Beat out by nepotism.”

“You gonna sue?” said Jim.

Madeline recalled her rather vehement words to her boss with a sinking feeling. “I don’t know. I guess I’ll go home for a while and figure it out.” She took the picture back out of the box and jammed it into her purse, put on her coat and walked out of her cubicle without a second glance.

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