Madeline finished editing her latest report and sent it to the printer down the hall. While she waited for it to print, she straightened the small stack of legal pads on her desk. Except for a discreet framed picture of her boyfriend, Madeline’s cubicle at Greenspan Industries was free of the personal items found in other cubicles; she believed in separating her personal life from her business life—separation of church and state, as she liked to say.

“Hey Madeline,” said a voice she dreaded. Jim MacLendon peered over the cubicle wall. “This damn thing keeps putting page numbers on my title page. I’ve told it not to do that a hundred times, but it still keeps doing it.”

“Hang on,” said Madeline, grinding her teeth. “I’ll be right there.” Jim was hopeless about computers and would never understand the software no matter how many training classes he attended, no matter how many “Words for Dummies” manuals she surreptitiously left on his desk. He was simply incapable of doing the first thing without Madeline’s help.

She rounded the cubicle walls and sat down in front of his computer. “May I?” she asked belatedly, as she started to fix the problem.

“I’m sure glad you’re around to do this for me,” said Jim. “I’ll miss you when you get that promotion.”

“I’m sure you’ll be fine,” said Madeline. Pictures of Jim’s wife and kids were perched in frames on his desk. A cat clock hung from one wall; it mewed quietly on the hour. A drawing from some three-year-old artist in his family was pinned up on his corkboard. Madeline sniffed. “New art?” she said.

“Yes,” said Jim. “My daughter’s drawing of the dog.”
“Hmmm. That should do it.” She stood and went back to her cubicle.


“You’re welcome.”

She returned to her cubicle, just as her phone rang. “Yes, Madeline Evans speaking.” She said into the receiver. “Yes, I’ll be there.” She checked her image in the small mirror that hung by the coat rack, picked up a legal pad and pencil and headed for the printer.

“Good luck,” called Jim, unheard as Madeline picked her report off the printer, and headed for the main office.

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