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Sour Grapes and Saddle Sores

George Hirst

It is not about me Thursday, June 19,2008

It occurs to me that there are too many situations and issues in this present time that are set in concrete. We are not adapting to the discoveries that provide new information and understandings of our planet or the universe. We live in a widely diverse world, all sorts of lifestyles, all kinds of religious practice, and we treat our democracy as if it was a monarchy

I hear people say that one world means all alike. We are not alone on this planet, there are a multitude of ways of living, thinking and believing. All of those ways are simply there. Change for these days is not a revamping of life styles or thought patterns but it is a matter being respectful and responsible.

A model for this change in our thinking and doing is this story. We were talking with a good friend of ours one day about driving in heavy traffic, saying that you had to watch out for drivers ahead, behind and beside our car. She said that she only watched the car directly in front of her car, expecting the person behind her would be watching her driving

Now think about that. When we are in busy traffic, we are in a community of people. People who drive different cars, who are traveling to all sorts of destinations and who certainly drive differently. I came across this thought that I think speaks to a necessary change: "Never be careless with money, driving habits and people’s feelings"

Driving in busy traffic requires respect and responsibility. We need to respect every driver and car around us. That high speed missile can do a lot of damage in short order when we fail to understand that. If we insist on either following too closely or are above or below the posted speed and cause an accident, it is our fault. We need to remember that we are in a community of travelers.

This is not about me! It is about us! We need to go with the flow. We need to be respectful and responsible and drive with the community of travelers. This not about driving habits, it is also about our personal political stance, the way we live, the way we spend our money and for sure and certain, the respect we have for other folks who live differently.

This is not about what I need or want, it is about sharing a planet in a universe that is beyond our imagination in size. Our nation is a democracy and every person is essential to our common life. Our religion is one among many and that multitude is important to supporting beliefs that help us live together. It is not my salvation, it is our saving grace.

It is far too late to make every person or group of persons all alike. That certainly has not made us either safe or content. We need change and Yes You Can!


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