Expectancy in Change

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George Hirst

Expectancy in Change August 14, 2008

I have come across a new concept for my thinking, it is found in the word, expectancy. The word is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as meaning "to look for- to expect" The concept has a plural or group meaning to it and is found in movements or life styles that intend make a change or serve a purpose.

Political Pundits and Talking Media Heads are continually talking about the changes they see that need to be done and who would make the changes, all the while assuring the voting public that they all are "taking care of what needs to be done". Fine. Well and good. But, each of them are trying to get voting support for a candidate or a party. The major group that also sees the necessity of change is very large: the voting public. Here is where the expectancy in change is found- in all the various parties of voters, all sorts of persons, and all kinds of changes. A goodly share of the voters have decided for whom they will vote. When the election is over and we have elected a president, the need for change is still going to be there. Just here is where the expectancy in change will need to be present and working.

This very large body of citizens of our fair land has a life that is present in all of us. It does not matter who we voted for, or how we see the need for change, that life is present for all of us. I believe it will become a quiet revolution that will bring the changes about. None of us, regardless of the needs we see, are alone in the concern about the way our government operates. Nor are we alone in our concern about the ways political persons who have private supporters get their ways, nor about the way corporations are allowed to make profits at the cost of support for our schools or the needy of our country. These all are common concerns.

It is just here that need for conservative and liberal persons becomes very apparent. This is where the pressure for change becomes common cause, and the place where all kinds of political leanings is valuable in getting things done. A house needs a foundation, a roof, walls, windows and doors to become a safe place to live. Expectancy of change will find its way in getting our governing bodies to bring about a well governed land because the general public will expect the radical expectations to happen. Things like negative campaigning, expensive and long candidacies, earmarks, and wars all must go.

The place to begin is our own lifestyles that must also change. I will not list all the changes here, but plan to deal with a list that will keep us going to election time. I think a citizenry that is respectful and kind to each other as well as involved in government operations will restore our nation’s reputation as a leading power in the world. Expectancy of change must be seen as the byword instead of "what is in it for me."

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