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George Hirst

Elected not chosen August 6,2009

One of the most frustrating things about the political system is the idea that a person who has been elected to a position in our governments is somehow a chosen or special force. Votes for a person are given because a promise is made to do special favors. A person is elected and when the election occurs, it is expected that benefits will result for the person who voted, or a civic body who were supportive.

Or the individual who is put in office often assumes that because an election is won that special powers are given so that the individual can do things without considering the purposes of the body. The idea that they are some how a special person, a chosen one, who now holds powers to know what is best, or actions may be taken without consideration of the voters needs or a nations processes. It seems to be forgotten that election is an appointment to serve, not to seek benefits or take private actions.

It seems to be forgotten that elections are a responsibility, not a privilege. In a democratic society elections are held to place persons in positions to keep the principles of the society. The people who cast ballots for candidates place their votes to find persons who will take seriously the central purposes of the governments of the nation. It is not a privilege to vote, it is a responsibility for the voter to expect that the intentions of the civic body be preserved.

In like manner, the persons who seek offices should understand that an official is not placed in a place of privilege, but in a required responsibility to efforts to govern. The office holders in a democratic society are not in a place of honor, but have a responsible task. An official should not seek personal benefit but is responsible for seeing that the traditions and services of a government are carried out

If what I write is true, then a governing body is not a business, but a service organization. .

Elected officials are, then, hired persons. The office holders of a nation, a state, or a city are employed by the voting body to take care of well being of the civic body. The salary, the housing, the benefits should be seen to by the public. The idea to become wealthy is not acceptable here. The idea of a continual candidating for office is out of place. The public official is not a professional politician, but a selected private citizen elected to hold a position for an appointed time and duties.

Governments are not asked to make a profit, nor is the matter of loss essential. Think about how the matters of education, law enforcement, care of the poor, concern for justice, financial support from the citizenry, and rights of the citizens are all carried out. Finally, think about if you are doing your duty as a citizen and,if your rights are being met.

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