Sour Grapes and Saddle Sores

George Hirst

A Collection of Memories January 11, 2007

Our Family Christmases are a collection of memories. We began when we were first married in 1949 celebrating together wherever we were living. With the birth of our son Stephen and with the following births of Kristina, Lisa and David, we always had Christmas at our home. Each of the fifty seven Christmas that followed has its own memory. Christmas 2006 has a memory that is different, we were not at home for the celebration.

This is a new memory for us that I share with you in order that you who read this consider a time spent in ways that are new might also consider your holiday celebrations as being wonderful as well as different.

As I wrote, we were away from home which was at once very pleasant and different. It made me understand that every memory of Christmas was important. The trip there was an experience in itself. For twenty plus years I have been a participant rather than a leader, but this time the experience brought to me some new understandings in my life to the Christmas holiday. Daughter Lisa and her husband Dan celebrated their twenty-fifth wedding anniversay by renewing their vows. I officiated at their wedding here in Wyoming and took part in a shared service at their church in Phoenix, Az with their pastor.

Dan and Lisa's two girls, Kate and Megan, witih whom I played in the leaves in Illinois as they were growing up, are now grown up ladies with school and college and have friends whom we met. I listened as they talked about their lives and their friends and, found that they are indeed grown up, I am not ready for that.

The party after the service of renewal was held at Dan and Lisa's home, we met their friends who like all friendly people, were a joy to visit. Church services we attended were inspiring and loving bringing memories of services in three other churches. Gifts given and laughter shared brought back thoughts of other times and days.

Christmas present brought memories of Christmases past. The way the celebration of that holy birth was carried out, the people who have shared their message of that holy love added to the holy event. Memories of people who have gone to their rest added memories. Gifts given and received all in the name of a way of sharing the holy love.

All of this I share with you that you might remember the ways you kept the holy season and what you remember from all those happy times, that you may carry it forward into this new year knowing that we are loved and that we love.

A final thought: The commercial Christmas on the 25th of December. The Christmas for people of faith continues for 12 days. We keep the decor of the season of love and giving showing until twelfth night. It is one way of keeping Christmas in our hearts.


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