As the sky shows the first grey streaks of dawn, the wolf pack is asleep in the woods after their gorge-fest on the buffalo calf. Henry wakes early and thinks, now is his chance. He quietly moves to where his sister lies snoring. He wakes her and together they move away from the pack to the edge of the woods. Meek awakens and follows at a cautious distance, but Henry doesn't mind.

Henry's plan is to create a new pack, to start a new family group and finally be the Alpha Male. The three wolves enter into the clearing and Henry decides now is the time to illustrate his new rank. He mounts his littermate, who squirms away from beneath him and snaps her teeth at him. He tussles with her and then uses his greater weight to mount her again.

Out of nowhere comes a huge buffalo cow, murder in her eyes.Taking advantage of the distraction of the wolves, she runs full bore at them, sharp hooves flying.

As the buffalo's hoof crushes his skull and enters his brain, Henry has the grace to wonder if he's killed himself or the wolf.

When it has all ended, Meek turns from the bloody scene and returns to the wolf pack.

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