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Flintknapping debris in an archaeology laboratory
Flintknapping debris in an archaeology laboratory, a suitable metaphor for WasteFlake processes—a bunch of people working together to create different things, and making a holy mess of it! Photo credit: Travis. https://www.flickr.com/photos/baggis/431156885

Work in progress at Wasteflake, linked here for your consideration:
  1. The Birthday Project
  2. Beyond the Paywall, article summaries of new research; (currently only visible to logged-in users)
  3. Archaeology and Artists in Artificial Intelligence Posted
    1. Artists and AI Mashups Work In Progress (only visible to logged-in users)
    2. Exercises in AI Table of Contents (logged-in users only)
  4. Poetry
  5. Matt's Thing
  6. TravelsDownTheRabbitHoleWithSteve
  7. Background Checks Stories digging into the meaning of news breaks (these are the most recent)
  8. HaveUniverseNeedName
  9. Sour Grapes and Saddle Sores Latest posted
    1. The Middle People
    2. FYI: Genetically Modified Organisms
    3. Taken for Granted
  10. Wonderful Things
  11. Book Reviews
  12. Book of Frauds
  13. Archaeology Films updated 30 May 2021
  14. It's AboutTime
  15. Recovered Articles from About and Dot-Dash Most current only
    1. Altered States of Consciousness
    2. The Inca Garcilaso de la Vega
    3. History of Plazas and Patios
    4. Hoards and Caches in Archaeology
    5. Yersinia pestis and the Bubonic Plague
    6. The Lost Library of Alexandria
    7. Terra Preta, Ancient Composting, and Biochar in the Amazon
  16. Opinions
    1. Batter Catcher Ump
    2. What To Do If You Can't Find Cheap Labor? Raise Your Wages.
    3. Open letter to Grassley and Ernst
    4. Cassandra and the Republican Senate
  17. Favorite Word Puzzles
  18. PeerReview -- just what is it? Is the Wasteflake Project an example of expanded peer review, or an entirely new kind of peer review?
  19. Popular images of science and scientists: see Cornelius' position paper on PopularArchaeology and discuss images of popular archaeology in the forum.
  20. Fiction! See WasteflakeFiction for stories, both finished and in progress.
    1. The Encyclopedia of Minor Deities
    2. Jiffy Kleen and the Total Perspective Vortex
  21. SpamArt. If enough users, at enough keyboards, enter enough subject lines from spam, will it be art?
  22. MoreWasteflake -- everything from MixologicalScience to SoWhatsUp.
  23. The Monitors: How to Overthrow the Empire One Graduate Student at a Time, currently in hiatus.
  1. Quotations
  2. Finding a Specialist
  3. Cancer Chronicle
  4. Exercises in AI Table of Contents in the WIP
  5. Paisley Shawl

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