The Everlasting Unextinguished Legacy of Palimpsests

Author: K. Kris Hirst - Published Tue 24 of Nov, 2020 08:00 EST - (5213 Reads)
Students at the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York state discovered that this 15th-century manuscript is an example of a palimpsest: the parchment pages hide a second, earlier text beneath its illustrations.

Water Management at the Maya Capital of Tikal

Author: K. Kris Hirst - Published Fri 30 of Oct, 2020 09:30 EDT - (7592 Reads)
The Great Plaza at Tikal, located in the Peten peninsula of Guatemala and pictured here, was used as a source of runoff water by the Maya residents, part of a massive water control management system used for 1,500 years. Photo credit: Ed Nellis.