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The chapters of this novel will be published once a week on Fridays beginning July 1, 2022. Most of the chapters include a link to a notes page, including source references and other silly comments.

The Monitors is a work of fiction, science-y fiction, and social and political satire, and as such has no pretensions concerning truth, although I stole many ideas from the scientific press, and those sources are provided in Notes sections. The text is meant for adults—for a little bit of potty mouth and some ugly behavior. It is a love note to academics and graduate school. It is free to read, there are no advertisements and no tracking, you don't need to log in. It's an experiment. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events, is purely coincidental, at least that's what the guy who murdered Rasputin would say.

Released Chapters

  1. One Fine Day, in which Molly gets unpleasant news, released 1 July 2022, 774 words
    1. Transcendental Buffoonery, Notes on the translation of this document, in which we discover the sad fate of the Babel Fish, released 1 July 2022, 757 words, Source Notes

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