Yes Wyoming needs a Community Center

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George Hirst

Yes, Wyoming needs a Community Center.

A lot of people agree that we need a place that connects with the whole community. I mean by that some of us belong to organizations that contain a lot of people, but others do not have that connection. So we need a place that is available to all of our citizens, including those in the county around us.

An organization has formed and is meeting every two weeks. The name of the group is Wy-Hi Center. Bebe Groter is President and Dan Schocky is Treasurer. Ms Groter said that there is a small group of people who attend the meetings. She said that more volunteers are needed and that contributions to the development are being made but that more pledges are needed.

The place is available and is easily found. Whatever the old high school needs in the way of changes to make it a meeting place to accommodate meetings of varying sizes and intentions can be accomplished. What needs to happen is finding persons to be responsible for the operation. One does not prepare a building and say, here it is, use it.

A Community Center provides a meeting place that belongs to everyone to use for a party, a presentation of a concern, or a demonstration. The argument here is that a neutral place is essential so that persons, who might hesitate to come to any of the several spaces with a purpose, come and seek time to use the place.

It is important that a volunteer group of people be enlisted to be responsible for the use of the building. There is no doubt that the group needs to include a variety of people. A variety ought to be present so that it will be seen as a community building. One or more elected persons that would know about available funding, persons from the banks to provide bookkeeping, and knowledge of fund raising and, senior citizens, middle aged and young folks ought to be represented. It is certain to me that the managing group ought to represent several levels of income, retirees, students, laborers and professional people. It would be good if people would volunteer to serve. Legal counsel is needed to help with a not-for-profit designation.

Should any of this strikes your interest, contact Bebe Groter, President of The Wy-Hi Center.

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