What? Asked Henry.

Yes, let’s see, said Finch, fumbling through a scruffy rolodex on his desk. Who’s probably best? Maxwell? No, no… Madison? Ah, here we go, Mitchell. You should go see Mitchell, said Finch.


Yes, Mitchell, that’s the ticket. Agnes? Finch said into the air above his desk, get me Mitchell on the phone.

Who’s Mitchell?

Oh, he’s a … specialist. A, you’ll pardon the expression, a witch.

A what? Said Henry, with alarm.

Oh, you’ll like him. He’s the best man I know for these sorts of things, at least in this part of town.

A what specialist? Did you say witch? You’re sending me to a witch?

The phone buzzed. Patch him through, Agnes. Mitchell! How are ya? Joanie doing well? That’s great. You’re coming to the little league cookout on Friday aren’t ya? Good, good, see ya then. Listen, Mitchell, got a case for you ya, got a guy here in my office, I just know you want to talk to him. He wants to be a wolf. Yeah, yeah. Uh huh. Yeah, Henry Bergan. Can you squeeze him in next week? Oh that’d be great. I’ll give him your card. No problem, glad to do it.

Now, Henry, said Finch. Let’s see, where did that card go? Ah, here. Now, you take this card and see Mitchell, he’ll fix you right up.

He will?

Don’t you worry about a thing.

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