Henry! boomed the voice from the inner room. How nice to see you! Come right in, sit down, make yourself comfortable.

Edgar flapped a hand at the open door. Henry entered the interior room. It was large, with an enormous window overlooking the parking lot. The desk was of rich mahogany; on the edge of it was a picture of a pleasant woman, five stair-stepped children and an Irish terrier. The carpet was thick and a color probably called champagne. The walls were decorated with signed photographs of celebrities. Henry began to worry about possible charges.

So, Henry, what can we do for you today? asked the man behind the mahogany desk.

Have we met? Asked Henry, creaking his way onto a leather couch.

No, no. but Finch sent me your records. I had a file on you anyway, though; always pays to keep ahead of the game.

So you knew I’d come?

Well, more of an educated guess. We witches like to keep good records; it’s good for business to be on top of the situation. So, you want to be a wolf, eh?

Yes, said, Henry, well if I can afford it that is. Can you arrange it?

Mitchell peaked his fingers. First of all, we offer a sliding scale. Our professional association believes that enhancing one’s personal life should be available to everyone, regardless of their ability to pay. Secondly, sure, we can do that. I can tell you confidentially that Mrs. Adamson, you saw her leaving my office right now, has spent the last three weeks as a lion in the Serengeti.


Yeah, sure. Do it all the time. No problem at all. Would you like some training classes to start? Some people don’t like to plunge right into the experience without a little… well, call it experience first.

No, no, said Henry. I’ve read Jack London. I watched that movie with Charles Martin Smith several times, once all the way through.

Ah, yes, the movie. Excellent. Hmm. Perhaps you would like a trial first?

Could I?

Yes, in fact, we find it is of use to offer our clients a test-drive. No guarantees that you won’t be killed, of course, but we can certainly give you a taste before you, say, give up the cares and turmoil of modern day life for real zoology.

That would be wonderful said Henry. But can we schedule it for the weekend so I won’t miss school?

Of course—-although that won’t really be necessary. The wolf changes places with you.

Oh I see, said Henry. Wait--what did you say?

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