Mitchell’s office was in the 32-story Gahagan building. Henry gave his name to the security guard, and climbed to the reception room on the 11th floor. The room was empty when Henry entered, but soon an elderly woman in a blue dress was shepherded out of the inner office by a fussy fellow. At the door she turned and said, Thank you, doctor, and you too, Edgar.

A voice from the inner office boomed, just call when you’re ready, Mrs. Adamson.

Goodbye Mrs. Adamson said Edgar as he sat at the desk. Peering over spectacles he said, You must be Mr. Bergan.

Yes, I’ve an appointment at 4:00.

Okay, well, you’re a new patient, so you’ll have to fill out the proper forms.


Address and contact information, insurance carrier, next of kin, family history, previous applications of magic, the usual.

Insurance? Asked Henry.

Yes, sir, said Edgar somewhat frostily. Some of the better insurance companies recognize the value of our services, yes. In fact, most of the Fortune 500 companies cover 100% of the costs involved.


Yes, indeed. Confidentially, Halliburton is one of our best clients.

How interesting, said Henry. Do they all want to be wolves?

Oh, no sir. We offer numerous services for the hard-working business person. A wide variety of personal and professional enhancements.

Really? Said Henry. Do you have a brochure?

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