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Sour Grapes and Saddle Sours

George Hirst

Warts and all! September 27, 2006

When we salute the flag we stand on our feet, over our heart and recite the words that begin with, I pledge allegiance.... Those words are not a choice or limiting, these words say my work and my life is given to the United States of America. Our disagreements or dissatisfactions are part of the loyalty and do not reduce that allegiance.

One of the loyalties is the support of our system of electing the persons who direct the political life of our country, which means, that we cast our ballots as best we know how. The system is not perfect neither are the candidates for whom we vote perfect. Our electoral system has gotten us where we are because voters who pledged their lives and works to the political system of our land. Warts and all, it is the Republic for which we stand.

The central message is not that we elect the right person, it is that each and every voter votes. Who the voter intends to cast the ballot for is not the issue, we cast a ballot. for the best person we believe is best for the job. The allegiance is to support the electoral system. I have said it before and I say it now, when a majority of the population votes, a message is sent that we mean business. We should not be a nation who that seeks to find benefits for our lives, we live a committed life to the government.

When we criticize we do it with care and respect, not to divide and destroy. So vote for "what is she thinking" or "Have you had enough." Warts and all this is our land. Mark your calender now and vote on November 7.

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