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Sour Grapes and Saddle Sores

George Hirst

View from a Point June 14, 2007

I begin this column ,which has a single purpose to it, by saying that what I write, say and hear is done from a single point of view, mine. Newspapers are biased by the people who contribute material to its editions. It is what I think, It is what I heard, It is what I say. Last week's edition contained a "letter to the editor" about something that was reported on these pages that was wrong. No, it was not wrong it came from the reporter's writing style, from what was heard or read from a source. The writer of the letter reported what was heard and what was understood by that person. Now mispelling a person's name, or reporting a wrong address or the year they graduated from high school are errors. The most valuable parts of Stark County News is the way local news is reported and the opinions that are offered by the writers. Disagree with that if you must, but it is not wrong. Get the point?

. My concern these days is that though we talk a good game and tell the world that we care in fact, we are angry to the point of selfishess. We read and hear about the way the world is being run and from each point of view there arises fear, which separates us from others. My major emphasis these days is to be hopeful and caring. It is not difficult to find places where people are caring and generous with their time and money. It is at that position from which I view the world.

As a nation we are in the midst of a flurry of people running for president. The decision about which candidate we will support is difficult. That decision is important because what we do in the voting booth will elect our next President. I do not think it is a matter of right or wrong, it is a matter of agree or disagree. What I am trying to say that as the person who has the up or down vote on a candidate we need to keep our cool. The difference between right and agree in political hope terms is that agree leaves room to care about others and the world.

There is more opportunity to influence other voters and there is a chance that the candidate will be led to keep promises. The hard word, right, closes too many doors and leaves no room for discussion. I am progressive in my attitude toward things secular. I have to be because I care about the world in which I live and I can not close myself away from those with whom I disagree.

I understand that making a choice of a presidential candidate is easier if it is between a Republican or a Democrat or between a conservative or a liberal. There is a human element present in the campiagn that gets lost when we fail to accept our own humanity that defies description. It also gets left out when we allow the candidate to talk about things in general and does not reveal an attitude that reveals their humanity.

There is hope in our nation that we can care for the poor, find justice for the outcast and be a part of fighting wars no more. It is present when we make our beliefs and our faith clear to others and when we as a nation lose our image of being a nation of "me first" people. From my point of view, we are one world, a world of persons who care. are generous, and believe that we can live together, a diversified people.

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