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Sour Grapes and Saddle Sores

George Hirst

The final meeting of The Women’s Tuesday Club December 11,2008

The Women’s Tuesday Club of Wyoming met for lunch to formally close its one hundred and ten years of service to the community on Tuesday, December 3,2008. Nancy Eagleston, President, Kandas Hatch, Secretary/ Treasure, and members Carol Johnson, Dolores Hirst and Phyllis Fabry reluctantly made the decision to close the books on what has been a distinguished history of its aims to encourage women to live good lives and serve the community. Magellan Colgan and Peggy Carle are honorary members.

The Tuesday Club founded by a group of 19th century woman held as its object, mutual improvement. The group over the century plus donated books to the Wyoming library and the membership individually presented inspirational and educational programs for the benefit of society.

The role of women in Wyoming’s public life has changed over those years from caring for children, running a household and taking part in religious and social endeavors. The five members roles included professional,and public life. Their time was spent in many ways so that the club life, while it was interesting and informative occupied space often needed for other activities.

The last meeting was reflective in the sorrow of losing an activity that was rewarding. However, invitation to become a member of the society was often turned down either for lack of interest or time.

The Women’s Tuesday Club of Wyoming closed its doors with an excellent record of community support. The amount in the treasury $170.59 will be given to the Wyoming Library. A memorial book will be ordered from the library in memory of Jeanne Rennick who was an active member. The records of the club, stored in acid proof boxes, was given to the library to be placed in its archives.

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