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Sour Grapes and Saddle Sores

George Hirst

Toward A 21st Century Political Thought August 9- 2007

There have been a few times in my experience as a voter that a candidate who is elected, promising changes, succeeds in making some of the promised changes come into being. The New Deal promised by Franklin Delano Roosevelt brought about the changes that made a difference in the way part of the population could live. Farmers and people below the poverty line were assisted by government subsidy. Though, the Great Depression did not end until after the end of FDR's terms, still some of the promises were kept. John F Kennedy's time in office brought changes in race relations and accompanying economic matters.

Promises in modern times, at the end of the twentieth century, that corruption and mishandling of programs designed to help people did not happen. The present war being fought, which was begun to bring a change in forms of government and end violence, has only resulted in more violence and destruction. The cost in human life is unbearable. The spending of money has resulted in reduction in care of people in need, as well as a failure to maintain the infrastructure of the land.

Senator Obama's statement in a recent candidate debate that he would visit the eastern nations that oppose us was countered by Senator Hilary Clinton's remark that he was a neophyte (my word) in politics and did not understand the way diplomacy works. This Illustrates my notion that 20th Century diplomacy that creates deeper enmity with its wars and isolations does not bring peace. A move into the 21st Century diplomacy, that is practiced by the commercial world, and is spoken of by politicians of the need to meet opponents who are potential enemies on a face to face equal grounding, is necessary.

My last column dealt with what I see that you and I ought to be doing to make a peaceful world. This column deals with what the government ought to be doing. You and I, the voting public, ought to elect people who will work at a diplomacy that meets all nations where they are, not where we think they ought to be. The nation needs to be using the resources used to fight a senseless war for our nations needs. The manpower that is in Iraq and the money it takes to deal with the issue as it is presented could be very well used to help people in need, and meet the needs of the nation's infrastructure as is well illlustrated by the bridge disaster in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Think of all the jobs such an effort would create, as well the cost of upgrading our bridges, our pipe lines, and all of other structures. In this , the 21st Century diplomatic relationships need to be based on one world, a world that is diversified, a world that lives on generosity and tolerance.

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