< >Rummage around looking for people who might be interested.
Find someplace to get an article on WasteFlake published, mostly about Wiki technology and its potential (kinda done).
< >Ask for pictures of wasteflakes as decorations.
Try out Creative Commons
Draft a newsletter and try out newsletter tool. Done! First newsletter sent February 28, 2004, leading to...
< >Figure out how to enter text of newsletter so that it arrives in email in-boxes with appropriate linebreaks.
Edit mose.css to use brown colors and remove point size and pixel width specs. Uploaded mose-edited.css 1/27/04 and will test and tweak.
< >Find out how to add meta keywords to pages.
Put up archaeologist mural from New Orleans and invite comments.
< >Write 'what is science' for the non-scientist (why creationism isn't science; refer to Popper).
Add HalfbakedIdeas page.
Steve Bowties Are Cool :
Things to do When Started
Implement wip done
Plan to improve navigation TBD
Write of Até 24/09/2020

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