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Hi just a little rambling on taxes. Dad

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George Hirst

Remember who pays the taxes

Do not forget to remember we that we pay taxes so that our governing bodies may build and maintain highways, provide for public education, and, provide a common body of law and order. Oliver Wendel Holmes, Jr wrote, “Taxes are the price we pay for a civilized society.”

We have grown accustomed to providing service such as roads and schools even at increased costs without increasing the income to pay the difference. It is like the person who expects an improved lifestyle without paying the increased costs. That started when Franklin Roosevelt was president during the depression days of the 1930s. In those days, a farm program provided subsidy to the small farmer to help with the cost of farming over against the income from sales of farm products. The works progress subsidy assisted laborers with make work jobs and financial support. We became accustomed to government support until big farms and other industries received checks to insure their profit.

Tax protection soon became the way of taxpayers. It was not taxation without representation, but taxation under the influence of the wealthy and the powerful. All of that has to change. The voting public must pay their fair share of government operations. If we don’t create change, change will create us, as daughter Lisa said recently. What I mean is, if everyone doesn’t pay their fair share, the government will go broke and new ways will occur that will change us all.

In early days, government officials were not paid well. It is reported that President Thomas Jefferson was not paid enough to meet his expenses, he spent his own funds to do the work. He retired to Monticello a poor man and when he died he was bankrupt. If I haven’t forgotten, he wanted the job knowing its costs.

Our elected officials these days usually leave office as millionaires. This is the same with CEOs of big corporations, they receive good salaries, and they are given big bonuses when they retire. They should expect a fair salary and not to be overcompensated.

There are two things that must happen, first, the voting public has to cease finding fault with taxes and second, to expect both political leaders and industrial persons to work for us at a fair wage.

To say it bluntly, we need to cease from deficit spending. I think I have said it before, we must be sure that our financial resources meet the costs of what we propose to spend. If we do not change, our children and grandchildren will find their lives to be unbearable. Surely, we don’t want that….. do we?

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